The Six Figure Chick Workflow".

Pivoting your mind, body and business to transition into that six figure chick of your dreams

On why being a perfectionist is holding you back?
Are you working on projects for too long preventing you from scaling?
Overwhelmed solopreneur who feels like they are going in circles while not getting consistent sales?
Are you skipping daily self-care to work on your business?
Is discipline lacking in your entire life preventing you from reaching that 6 figure mindset?

Hello! My name is

Alana Nelson

I am a color palette obsessed, automation diva who happens to love wine, fashion and dog mom life.
During this webinar, we will show you how to systemize not only your business but your mind and body. Your business will not be RIGHT if you’re not RIGHT. We will be focusing on how to automate your mornings from the inside out and organizing your whole business LIFE so you can make money as you sleep. Take this quarantine time to get yourself ALL the way right so when normal life starts again you are more than ready. As a free bonus we will have a few special guests to help you with this systemized transformation!


During this FREE webinar you will receive FREE tools to help you wake up MOTIVATED mind, body and business to scale yourself to that Six figure chick mindset

  • You will receive step by step downloads on how to transform your day to day schedule for success
  • You will dominate systemizing your morning routine to get the most out of every single day!
  • You will learn how to get over your perfectionism and just launch!

This Webinar is

NOT for

  • Business Owners who have a set schedule that have scaled to a self and business level that are content with and not looking to scale higher
  • Individuals not willing to incorporate new ideas and habits

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